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The American Academy of Equine Art, Inc. is a non-profit, tax exempt organization founded in 1980 at the suggestion of Alexander Mackay-Smith and Dr. Joseph Rogers, board members of the Westmoreland Davis Foundation at Morven Park in Leesburg, Virginia. The idea was to assemble the finest equine artists in the country to exhibit together, share creative ideas, and, eventually, to establish a teaching organization - modeled after the Royal Academy in England.

World-renowned equine artists Jean Bowman and Else Tuckerman were consulted, and they suggested a core group of ten distinguished painters and sculptors who formed the American Academy of Equine Art, Inc. based in Middleburg, Virginia. The founding members were an impressive list of who's who in equine art: Jean Bowman, June Harrah, Henry Koehler, William Wallace Nall, Marilyn Newmark, Eve Prime, Princess Marie Louise Moncada, Richard Stone Reeves, Sam Savitt and Else Tuckerman. The Academy's first exhibition was held at the Museum of Hounds and Hunting at Morven Park in the fall of 1980. Throughout the years, as more of our country's best equine artists joined the Academy, the annual exhibition moved to a variety of locations, including Massachusetts, Michigan, Florida, Colorado, South Carolina, Georgia and Kentucky.

Today, the academy exhibitions are looked upon by collectors and dealers as a source for the best in contemporary equine art, as they feature artists from all over North America, as well as other countries. Many of the Academy's Signature and Juried members are among the finest and most recognized equine painters and sculptors working today.

In 1986 the Academy held its first teaching workshop under the auspices of famed illustrator–and Founding Member–Sam Savitt. (Students are encouraged to refer to his How to Draw Horses; ISBN: 0720713498). The programs have grown over the years to encompass classes in drawing, painting and sculpture.

Mission of the American Academy of Equine Art:

The mission of the AAEA: to nurture, advise, educate and promote those artists interested in the classical representation of the equine subject. The AAEA does not exhibit photographs, giclées (inkjet prints), “enhanced giclées” or other mass-produced objects.

The AAEA is a non-profit, 501(C)3 organization. It does not discriminate on the basis of national or ethnic origin, race, color, creed, gender, age or disability in any of its programs or policies.

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