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“Hands-On Sculpting” with Lynda Sappington, AAEA, at Whimsy Hill Studio, Lebanon, Ohio

June 4-8, 2018, 9-5 daily, Whimsy Hill Studio, 3631 Weisenberger  Rd., Lebanon OH 45036

Tuition $500

Questions? Contact Deanne Cellarosi, AAEA, Dean of Education

Self-taught sculptor Lynda Sappington invites you to learn to “see with your hands” in order to create a more perfect portrait.  She happily shares all the tips and tricks she’s either been told or figured out for herself during her 20+ year career as a sculptor. Do you think you can’t sculpt?  Lynda started in her 40s – never say never!  Come join Lynda in her spacious home studio and spend a week amazing yourself!

Lynda Sappington has created many bronze and resin trophies, including the World Championship Concours D’Elegance trophy for the Friesian Horse Association of North America; the year-end awards for the New York Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association for several years; the year end awards for the American Warmblood Society for several years; numerous memorial awards for horse show committees and organizations around the country; many portrait commissions; and the two top trophies at the Palm Beach Dressage Derby.  One of her bronzes, “Harmony,” resides in the United States Dressage Federation’s (USDF) Hall of Champions.  Another is the USDF Breeders Award.  She created the Stakes Race trophies for the Edmonton (Alberta) Race Track for many years.

Lynda’s work ranges from miniature to monumental.  Her monumental (8′ tall, 9’4″ long, 2000 lbs.) bronze of the Friesian stallion, Nanning 374, stands in a memorial to Nanning on Fenway Farm in Hortonville, Wisconsin.  Its unveiling even brought Friesian dignitaries from The Netherlands to see it, since it was the only life-size (or bigger) bronze of a Friesian outside of Holland.  Seven times, Lynda’s sculpture has been on the cover of “The Chronicle.”  It’s also been featured and/or on the cover of numerous other magazines and various websites dedicated to horses and equine art.

The workshop will visit the nearby Dancing Horse Farm, owned by Lynda’s daughter and Grand Prix rider/trainer, Jennifer Truett, to do the “hands-on” part of the workshop.  You will be amazed by how much this experience will enhance your work.  Dancing Horse Farm is a sporthorse farm specializing in Dressage.  Most of the horses there are warmbloods, but there are also Friesians, Quarter Horses, Appaloosas and other breeds as well as Westfalen, Hanoverian, Oldenburg, Dutch Warmblood, etc.

Come to Ohio for an exciting week of learning and fun!

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