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Sculpture Workshop (Whimsy Hill Studio, Lebanon, OH) with Lynda Sappington, AAEA

Tuition: $500

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Self-taught sculptor Lynda Sappington has a different approach to sculpture.  “Hands-On Sculpting” will show you how to “see” with your hands.  Tools are used as well as hands in the production of the sculpture, but the frequent referral to live horses will help you understand more than any book or workshop knowledge.

People who see Lynda’s work say the horses seem to breathe, and look like they’re about to trot off their bases.  Lynda credits frequent referral to live horses for the liveliness of her bronzes.  She works in a romantic yet realistic style to capture the essence and personality of the horse.

Lynda Sappington is a Board member of the American Academy of Equine Art, as well as Director of Communications and a Signature Member of the AAEA.  Her work has been featured in numerous magazines and websites, and on the cover of The Chronicle of the Horse seven times.  In 2016, she was invited to be part of a two-artist show at the Ross Art Museum in Delaware OH.  She has created trophies for everything from race tracks to year-end awards to World Championship trophy for the Friesian Horse Association of North America and the top two trophies at the Palm Beach Dressage Derby.  Her work which ranges from miniatures to monumental, is in collections around the world.  She has won numerous Best in Shows and other awards for her sculptures. Her book, Sculpting 101: A Primer for the Self-taught Artist, is now in its second edition and will be used in this workshop.

The class will start each day with a lecture and demo, and will make trips to Grand Prix rider and trainer Jen Truett’s Dancing Horse Farm, where Lynda will use some of the horses for reference.  Class members will be allowed to run their hands over horses to see how they feel.  Comparing those feels to the feeling of their sculptures will be an eye-opening experience.  Students will learn how to make armatures and how to build a horse in plastilene clay, as well as tips and tricks to make things easier.

The workshop will take place in Lynda’s home studio north of Lebanon, Ohio, which is roomy and well-equipped, but not handicapped-accessible.  If stairs are a problem for you, please attend Shelley Hunter’s sculpture workshop at the Kentucky Horse Park, which is accessible.

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