Current Exhibition

AAEA 2017 Online Juried Exhibition

Our Award Winners:

Award of Excellence (Sculpture): "Three of a Kind" by Lisa Perry

Award of Excellence (Painting): "Bliss" by Sarah Phippen

Award of Excellence (New Member or Non-Member): "My Three Sons" by Connie Erickson

Award of Merit (Sculpture): "The Equidae of Antiquity, Study II" by Morgen Kilbourn

Award of Merit (Painting): "Saratoga Beauty" by Meryl Learnihan

Award of Merit (Painting): "Between Chukkers" by Carrie Nygren

Award of Merit (Painting): "Paint, the Fence" by Michelle Grant

Honors Finalist: "Pony-N-Birches" by Shawn Faust

Honors Finalist: "Maclintock V" by Shirley Isolda

Honors Finalist: "Early Morning at the Horse Show" by Lynn Maderich

Honors Finalist: "Vancouver Dressage Training" by Vanessa Whittell

For further information and sales, please contact Yvonne Todd 859.338.5062 by May 31, when our show ends. Payment may be made by checks made out to the AAEA or by credit card/Paypal via our "Donate" button at the top of the page.

We hope you enjoy the show!

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