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Painting Atelier/Workshop (KHP, Lexington, KY) with Lynn Maderich, AAEA

October 16-20, 2017

Tuition: $500

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AAEA, PO Box 12303, Lexington KY 40852

“ Letting the Old Masters’ Methods Improve Your Art “

Lynn Maderich’s first AAEA painting workshop last fall was an unqualified success and she is looking forward to her second Academy workshop this October.

Lynn’s oil paintings are noted for their luminous light, rich color and illusion of depth.  Her paintings - equine, canine, still life and portrait - have won awards from the American Artists Professional League, Artist’s Magazine, Art Renewal Center and the American Academy of Equine Art (AAEA). Lynn is a Signature Member of the AAEA and an Associate Member of the Society of Animal Artists.

Although Lynn was a successful working artist, she saw dramatic improvement after she began a five year course of study at The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art in Minneapolis. Now Lynn takes great pleasure in sharing with other artists the classic insights that so improved her own art.

Since most equine artists work from photo reference, especially for portraits, this will primarily be a studio workshop with side trips into the park to study the real thing. It is a mini-Atelier with projects that advance through the week from black and white to full-color just as Atelier students progress through the school. This tradition is not so much about learning to paint as it is about learning to see with fresh eyes. Artists can benefit at any stage in their journey. Whether your style is meticulously detailed or more impressionistic, whether you work in oil, pastel, acrylic or graphite, you’ll gain insights into depicting Nature more accurately.
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Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington KY

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